Our Story

North 48 Bicycles was started out of passion for cycling combined with the fact that we are located in one of the most amazing areas for cycling outside Tuscany – numerous national teams and elite level athletes don’t call it home for nothing! The company was started by David Ley, who after 25 years as a part-time cyclist and full time consulting hydrogeologist, decided to focus full-time on cycling, and share the amazing riding with others.

Who We Are

David Ley

David is the founder of North 48 Bicycles, and has been cycling for all of his adult life (which is a long time, because he is the same age as Steve).  Having moved to Victoria in 2009, he was immediately enthralled by the amazing riding that the region has to offer.   His favourite route is one that takes him out to Sooke and Metchosin where he is still gobsmacked by how beautiful it is.  He believes that life is too short for dull socks, and was once told that his socks were visible from space.

North 48 Bikes owner David Ley
Stephen Lund in North 48 Bicycles Kit

Stephen Lund

Stephen has been cycling his entire adult life and a good number of the years before that. At the tender age of 43 he launched into racing because, well, “better late than never.” Stephen is the creative force behind GPS doodles – giant works of GPS art that have gained global renown. When he’s not GPS doodling, Stephen is usually still on his bike, consistently logging 500+ km per week (yup – that’s per week), and he’s on target to hit this year’s goal of 24,000 km.

Andrew McCartney

Andrew is a former professional triathlete and is the current coach of the University of Victoria triathlon team.  Andrew is patient, calm, and always smiling, and is happy going slow and steady or full gas.   Andrew likes hi-viz bar tape, hi-viz helmets and hi-viz shoes – it makes him easy to spot when he’s miles up the road having ridden you off his wheel, whistling while he does it!


Social Enterprise

At North 48 Bicycles, we believe in giving back. Our Social Enterprise philosophy is pretty simple –  identify well-run organizations that have a big, positive impact on people’s lives, and support them as much as we can.  With that as our guide, we have identified two well-run organizations  to which a portion of our profits will be donated:

Victoria Hospice is a registered charity that has, since 1980, provided end-of-life care focused on palliative treatment. Their nurses, counselors, spiritual caregivers, physicians and trained volunteers provide comfort for the patient and support for the family, rather than a cure for progressive and life-limiting illness.

World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles. Compared to walking, bicycles represent an enormous leap in productivity and access to healthcare, education and economic development opportunities.


Our partners, in addition to making their own businesses a success, seem intent on helping us be successful too! At first, we thought they were just being nice because we know them, or because we buy things from them, but it turns out, they do it, because that’s the way they do things….how awesome is that!