Tour Bikes, Create Art!

In partnership with GPS Doodles we are now offering guided GPS doodles tours in Victoria, BC. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the city during your visit and, at the same time, to learn the tricks and techniques of GPS doodling from Cycleangelo himself!

Cycleangelo, Stephen Lund, in North 48 Bicycles tour guide kit
Victoria Landmarks on a GPS Doodle tour with North 48 Bicycles

The “Victoria Landmarks” GPS Doodle

This tour incorporates many of the city’s well-known and must-see attractions: Inner Harbour, Empress Hotel, BC Parliament Building, Craigdarroch Castle, Government House, Beacon Hill Park, UVic campus, Mount Doug Parkway and many more. As you see all the sights, you’ll be creating a surprise GPS doodle along the way!

(intermediate to advanced cyclists • 3–4 hours) – $150 per person

The “Pick a Picture” GPS Doodle

Accompany me in recreating one of four of my most popular GPS doodles: Garmina the Giraffe (~110 km/68 mi), the Sea Serpent of Haro Strait (71 km/44 mi), the dopey stegosaurus (~50 km/31 mi) or the Musclebound Thug plucking a gator from the Salish Sea (90 km/56 mi).

(intermediate to advanced cyclists • 3–6 hours) – $175 per peson

Four doodles
GPS Doodle Mystery Map on North 48 Bicycle Tour

The “Great Big Surprise” GPS Doodle

Join Cycleangelo on a 75-kilometre (47-mile) ride in and around the city of Victoria. When you finish the ride and upload your GPS tracking data, you’ll discover what all those zigs and zags and crazy turns were all about!

(intermediate to advanced cyclists • 3–5 hours) – $175 per person